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The new three board added a high level enterprise

Release date: 2016-08-04
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LEDMY formally listed on January 11


On January 11,2016, the Shenzhen LEDMY photoelectric co., officially listed in the new three board, stock code: 835455, stock abbreviation: LEDMY.

LEDMY photoelectric been engaged specialized in LED lighting products research and development, production, sales, is a leading domestic supplier of decorative lighting products. Main business includes a linear LED lighting, LED commercial lighting. Among them, the linear LED lighting is the company's main business, the company's main business income accounted for more than 80%.


LEDMY is the LED decorative lighting field has its own brand of leading enterprises. Company since its inception, in the Flexible lamp belt and Linear Lamp Aspects of conduct the thorough research, LED decorative lighting products according to different application scenarios to make many kinds of series, Take the lead in the global implementation of LED decorative lighting products large-scale production and commercialization promotion. Companies with flexible LED lamp belt as the breakthrough point , and the product successfully applied in domestic and international hotel lighting, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, office lighting, education and civil lighting and other major illumination applications. After many years of Strive and the precipitation, the company has become the LED decorative lighting products and design of the most abundant One of the factory. In addition, the company also carried out in the field of commercial lighting products, the main panel lights series product no matter from the aspects of product technology and application effect were widely praised by customers at home and abroad.


This time successfully listed on the new three board, will further enhance the company in the industry's leading position, at the same time, the company will insist to do a good product, more focus on niche, will existing product to achieve perfectly. In addition, the company will continue to the production of scale, in order to adapt to the company's products in the field of lighting applications continue to accelerate the penetration trend.

In the future, the company will continue to focus on the subdivide lighting application segment Specialized building, to establish the company as a leading position in the high-end decorative lighting products provider. At the same time, company will fully grasp the development of LED lighting industry opportunities, try to make LEDMY photoelectric develop into LED lighting industry has a world-class brand influence of national enterprises.


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