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The feast of the ILE

Release date: 2016-05-19
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Upcoming The 21st session the International Lighting Exhibition。Lighting in the industry the various exhibitors also has completed each preparatory stage。Enter the waiting time, expect to make the fame overnight on such the world-class high level exhibitions convergence of the world's most outstanding, the most comprehensive lighting field production and trade enterprises, professional audience and other related organizations. on the other hand, this feast will once again to pushed occupy half of the new century solid light source LED lighting application and development reaches a crescendo. As a dedicated high-end LED pure light source of Shenzhen LEDMY turns up in due course, In hall 2.1 C17 exhibition for visitors prepared a wonderful Feast of light, and look forward to with customers and industry colleagues to discuss the new development direction of LED lighting.


Committed to research for LED lighting application technology is LEDMY’S favorite careers. LEDMY uphold the pursuit of perfection quality focused attitude, In the past ten years never stop on the LED pure light experience exploration. LEDMY believe that through their own research and development strength, can bring to touches your soul products for the world, only in this way a product can be to express the user's cognitive and emotional, also only in this way products make users feel worthy of the name to the optimal lighting experience.

As LEDMY have clean and clear public image and product appearance design style. LEDMY of the exhibition booth still follow the style of simplicity and agile style in this ILE, expectations in the restive summer to bring a ray of quiet, refreshing breath. And perhaps LEDMY outstanding product inherently do not have to too much foil ,contracted show more fully highlight the product characteristics , and excellent lighting effects brought by the product itself is a difficult to ignore the soft outfit, always inadvertently bring visitors stunning visual effects.

 Now, we beforehand to enjoy LEDMY bring Fresh and pleasant Visual sense of innovative feeling.

linear LED lights

Fashion and easy, convenient installation, relying on simple linear LED lights, by on space creative design and Free separated build all kinds of fashion simple geometric shapes, create a light effect beyond the traditional lighting, highlights the linear lighting the perfection. Widely used in household space, office lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting environment, build the perfect lighting effects.


Fresh lighting

Today, fresh area has become an important area of the supermarket, the Average Occupy about 30% of the supermarket Operating area. Among them, the fresh red meat and brightly colored fruits and vegetables to attract customer's attention and stimulate their appetite. Raw meat, fruits and vegetables, bread, these three kinds of different ingredients need show the effect is completely different, the traditional way of lighting is to use a kind of light source. LEDMY will be introducing the Independent research and development of fresh light Meet the lighting applications of all kinds of fresh places on this show. make better color rendering, more natural, Non staining, fully reflect the natural color,so that the food looks more fresh and delicious.


Light box light source

After ten years R&D investment and technology accumulation for a long time, for create green energy saving lighting requirements, light boxes light source as LEDMY supply market demand another weapon. Low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, and small size, transportation, installation use convenient is light boxes light source advantages of the application.


LEDMY star product

Successive light exhibition LEDMY can not be less the star products---- Soft article lamp series,Hard article lamp series, panel lights series. including the diamond of bright is dazzle series soft article lamp, super waterproof dustproof grade white jade series soft article lamp, wide application and economic brocade band series with soft article lamp products after upgrading once again on the ILE. While the panel lights series is composed of a new generation of luxury elegant white diamond panel lights and Low UGR panel light.


In addition, the ILE as a lighting enterprise show style’s Stage, at the same time is the annual new product exhibitions of enterprises. Adapt to market demand, LEDMY based on old product technology have new design level. Lamp bead 2216 with precise size, photochromic Uniform bright, can be used in all kinds of lighting design requirements. 3527RGBW is mixed color is perfect, just like carrying the magic, colorful dream will Present in front of the person's vision. Great Wall lights as little shyness and changeable woman, can be fan type, can be crony type, casually bend with the design concept of stylist is unique. S light series have Highly creative,S light not only beautiful shape and optional folding curve does not affect its texture, the details are particularly delicate.



[the Great Wall lamp with]


[type S lamp with]

More than ten years of research and assiduous is the cornerstone of the LED lighting industry solid strength. Be strict to oneself and strive for perfection is LEDMY product sales volume ranks the top of a solid backing. "Gen to optimal lighting experience" is LEDMY unremitting faith, "build the best lighting products" is the goal of LEDMY constancy. ILE is the products acceptance ceremony come from LEDMY, is also everyone's gathered feast. LEDMY with people from all walks of life to discuss future!

Exhibition information:

Time: June 9, 2016 - 12

Address: China import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex (China - Guangzhou)

Hall No. 2.1 Pavilion C17

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