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LEDMY glory in Chengdu

Release date: 2016-04-09
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"2016 China Chengdu international lighting and LED exhibition" is about to open on April 8 for a period of three days, This lighting Event supported by the national semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry alliance、Sichuan municipal association of city appearance、Sichuan electric lighting association、Sichuan lighting electric appliance association sponsored、Sichuan Dana exhibition co., 、Shanghai modern international exhibition co., 、Shanghai new grey exhibition service co., Jointly undertake as well as the municipal city lighting city branch of Sichuan province、Chongqing LED lighting research and development and industry association、Shenzhen LED industry association to assist.


Again in 2016, Shenzhen LEDMY co., LTD., Strengthen the development of the southwest market again, adhering to with focus on the faith of high quality lighting go to Chengdu again, aims to select advantage products more greatly permeates the southwest market, orderly expansion, to further improve LEDMY brand influence. LEDMY products has always been to quality is reliable, both functional and practical above the selected for purchase Outstanding in the industry, its high temperature stability of the industry's approval. When the LED lighting market price war smoke enveloped still continue, still insist on my heart, unswervingly along on the way to ensure product quality high, never wavered on the concentrated on high quality linear light source idea. Because of this, LEDMY eventually realize myself commitment, also for the global customers with high quality lighting experience.


In the 9th Chengdu international lighting and LED exhibition, LEDMY will be there with focus on high quality linear light source and panel lights, Jade plate canister light, ultra-thin ceiling products at century city new exhibition center. LEDMY linear light source is more suitable for high quality linear light matching illuminant, Base on the original linear lighting products for technical innovation, for Different linear lamp profiles using the most suitable way of lamp bead configuration. LEDMY13 years focused on linear lighting research and development production and sales, 2016 new linear light source is also carried on the significant innovation on the basis of original products, higher light efficiency, true color, quality assurance!Product Comprehensive quality improved, making LEDMY products can easily meet of engineering of the internal and external decoration lighting needs. The Idea of LEDMY panel lamp is concise, elegant, built on the premise of practicality, also have function of the complex technology. LEDMY jade plate lamp use the Brand new diffuse lighting technology, the five surface emitting lamp imported lamp bead and lamp body, to showed line is fluent and lightweight aluminum lamp body, delicate, safety. Ultra-thin ceiling has strong corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity of pure lead after integration of die casting technology, it only 26 mm. High quality wick Light is clear,diffuse Angle of light Angle gentle elegant, warm white 2500-4000k and 4000-7000k white double color choice, have amorous feelings of interest and do not break.

LEDMY need partners Common persist. LEDMY Hope and partners together to bring the best lighting experience to the world, Stand together on Chengdu, radiation western market, realization of the western network layout and channel sink.

A year's plan starts with spring, LEDMY in this thriving spring glory in Chengdu.

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