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“I design residences in which I would like to live.” Giorgio ArmaniI believe that people are not stranger to “ Armani” , because it’s represents the world's leading luxury goods group. It designs, produces, distributes and retails fashion and life products. The products include clothing, accessories, glasses, watches, jewelry, home improvements, perfume and cosmetics, Meanwhile, It creates a range of luxury brands, the most common is the Armani clothing,  Armani brand has been the leading luxury brands in all over the world.Armani Home improvements has been established for more than ...
Release time: 2018 - 02 - 02
”We are Ledmy people, we will fight for our sale goal in 2018, lead team well, with firm confidence to scale new heights”. In 9th, Jan, 2018, Shenzhen Ledmy Co., Ltd kicked off 2018 annual work conference. With such strong vow, the head of each sales team express their confidence and  determination to fulfilling their goals and tasks resolutely.Thousands of sail are competing for the advancement. Since its establishment, Ledmy has rapidly become a well-known brand in the field of LED linear lighting industry. In 2012, the export volume of Ledmy jumped to the forefront of the industry.In 2...
Release time: 2018 - 01 - 12
Firstly , let’s get to know what is LED strip light:LED strip light has got it’s name for the shape of the product :it looks like a strip  . It is made of LED lights which assembled on strip-shaped FPC or PCB board . It has made it’s figure in decoration industry for it’s long service life(normal life span 80~100 thousand hours ) , energy conservation and eco-friendly performance . LED strip light is flexible product , which can be bend into the shape at your will . It is also easy to be made into all kinds of figures and letters (characters) . Thus , it is widely used in hotel ,shop...
Release time: 2017 - 08 - 16
Light is to space what air is to lifeThe interweaving of light and darkness endows the space with soul Strip LightSpace, like people’s face, needs “make-up”, while lighting is the most magic “make-up”. And we, Ledmy, is a supplier of the most professional linear lighting “make-up”.The highest state of lighting design is that not only the space looks elegant and light, but that the sense of layer in the space is strengthened. Among all these magic lighting “make-ups”, strip light is most favored by designers. Now, many designers spontaneously choose “strip light” when making interior desig...
Release time: 2017 - 07 - 04
LEDMY formally listed on January 11 On January 11,2016, the Shenzhen LEDMY photoelectric co., officially listed in the new three board, stock code: 835455, stock abbreviation: LEDMY.LEDMY photoelectric been engaged specialized in LED lighting products research and development, production, sales, is a leading domestic supplier of decorative lighting products. Main business includes a linear LED lighting, LED commercial lighting. Among them, the linear LED lighting is the company's main business, the company's main business income accounted for more than 80%.LEDMY is the LED decorative ligh...
Release time: 2016 - 08 - 04
Upcoming The 21st session the International Lighting Exhibition。Lighting in the industry the various exhibitors also has completed each preparatory stage。Enter the waiting time, expect to make the fame overnight on such the world-class high level exhibitions convergence of the world's most outstanding, the most comprehensive lighting field production and trade enterprises, professional audience and other related organizations. on the other hand, this feast will once again to pushed occupy half of the new century solid light source LED lighting application and development reaches a crescendo. A...
Release time: 2016 - 05 - 19
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